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    Cosmetic System to simultaneously achieve novel 3D Skin Desquamation and Fractional Transbrasion

  • MIRAbrasor...

    Every MIRA add-on attachment is unique, individually designed for either Face and Neck or Body area procedures.

    The MIRAbrasor attachment is easily inserted into the handpiece, which is made for that purpose and connects to the tubing attached to the MIRApeel. It serves as a malleable top supporting the transparent single-use Brasor Desquamating Head. This helps increase manual dexterity as it glides over the skin.

  • MIRAjolie serums

    MIRAjolie cosmetic products are using highly efficacious ingredients to hydrate the skin,
    and make it look naturally brighter and smoother. They are formulated specifically for
    the MIRApeel, to be gently and safely applied on all skin types via MIRA accessories.

  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts

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